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Why A New Church?

Seems there are plenty of churches out there, so why would we want to start a new one? The answer is actually pretty simple. new churches are one of the most effective ways to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus. Our Mission as a church is "is to make disciples of all ages who in heart and action are faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ in all areas of life" Having a new church in Western Branch will help us achieve this mission.

Some statistics about Church Planting that we find compelling are:

1. There are 195 million non-churched people in America, making America one of the top “unchurched” nations in the world.

2. During the last ten years, combined communicant membership of all Protestant denominations declined by 9.5 percent (4,498,242), while the national population increased by 11.4 percent (24,153,000).

4. Each year 3,500 to 4,000 churches close their doors forever; yet only as many as 1,500 new churches are started.

5. There are now nearly 60 percent fewer churches per 10,000 persons than in 1920.

  • In 1920 27 churches existed for every 10,000 Americans.
  • In 1950 17 churches existed for every 10,000 Americans.
  • In 1996 11 churches existed for every 10,000 Americans.

6. “Today, of the approximately 350,000 churches in America, four out of five are either plateaued or declining.”

7. One American denomination recently found that 80% of its converts came to Christ in churches less than two years old.

8. Hence the claim of many leaders: “The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches” (Peter Wagner).