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Crosswater Presbyterian Church is a daughter church plant out of Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church in Suffolk, VA. Both congregations are part of the Presbyterian Church in America. Crosswater Presbyterian Church began public worship services on March 25, 2012.


Our Vision is to be a people so taken with Jesus Christ that we rejoice in his love, walk in his ways, and carry his gospel to our community.

Mission and Core Values

The gospel of grace is for both Christians and non-Christians.  Twice in the Bible the gospel is described as the "power of God."  Nothing else in all of Scripture is described this way except for the person of Jesus Christ himself.  Tim Keller, a pastor in Manhattan, describes the power of the gospel this way, "The gospel is the way anything is renewed and transformed by Christ - whether a heart, a relationship, a church, or an entire community. All of our problems come from a lack of orientation to the gospel."

We desire to launch a new church where Jesus and his gospel of grace are at the core of everything we are about.

Our Mission is to make disciples of all ages who in heart and action are faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ in all areas of life.

In this endeavor, we desire to see the outworking of the gospel of grace in the lives of disciples expressed through:

Renewing Grace In a world of broken lives, the gospel of grace brings about renewal and wholeness that glorifies God.

Reliant Prayer In this world we are powerless to bring about gospel change by ourselves. To bring grace to people’s lives and care for our communities we must be a people who are dependent on the Lord in prayer.

Redemptive Community In a world that is disconnected and constantly fragmenting, the gospel calls us to form deep, meaningful relationships in community.

Reformed Lifeview – We strive to be winsomely reformed, believing the Bible to be God’s authoritative Word, our rule for faith and living. We affirm the historic confessions of the Reformed faith as teaching the principles and truths of the Bible and expressing the gospel of grace.

Relentless MissionIn a world of self-absorption, the gospel of grace propels us out of ourselves to love and serve other people.

We want to gather and disciple people who can see the Western Branch area with new eyes and connect the riches of Christ to the reality of people's lives.